Seven Suspenseful Sentences

January 12 2011

I am excited to participate in Elaina Lee’s web site action, called “Seven Suspenceful Sentences". She has collected a batch of romantic suspense authors (including me) to select a passage from our books that fits the category. She also asked us to include a seven word bio.

So I went to work, found about five passages from Buried Heart (which you can purchase in paperback or ebook from and several other websites) and picked one.

Do visit her website to follow the other authors’ suspenseful sentences. You can find them at: And, you can even add your own suspenseful sentences!


The Bio

First, here’s my seven-word bio: Raised with love. Married the right man.


The 7 Suspenseful Sentences from page 288 of Buried Heart, Wild Rose Press, Oct 2009, by A. Y. Stratton:

  Lauren tried not to think about being buried alive, about being stuck in that airless shaft, lost and alone, like the boys Luis had known. How long before her air ran out? Still she forced herself to inch her body forward. When her fingers broke through the stony muck, she wanted to cheer, but she had no breath. Her shoulders were wedged in the narrowest part of the passage.

She rested her head on the stones for a moment to listen for Luis and heard nothing but dripping water. “Please be okay,” she begged, but there was no answer.