Seven Suspenseful Sentences—Again!

January 30 2011

This is the easiest assignment I’ve had all week! Here’s another snippet from Buried Heart, my romantic suspense novel that eventually winds up on a Mayan ruin.

The scene set-up: Lauren, my protagonist, has just arrived in Mexico City with a group of students headed eventually for a dig site in the Yucatan Peninsula. They tour the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, where Lauren scrambles up the treacherous ribbon of narrow steps to the top of the Temple of the Sun and meets a stranger who seems to know her. He looms between her and the sun asks her if she feels the ghosts.

The stranger’s yellow teeth, bushy mustache and stone black eyes made her shiver.

“What ghosts?”

“The ghosts of those chosen for sacrifice. Think, Senorita, if you had been up here on this temple one thousand five hundred years ago, you would have been one of them.” He squatted suddenly, and the sun blinded her.

“And people say they miss the good old days.” Lauren tried to laugh, but the man’s face loomed uncomfortably near, his breath hotter than the air and stinking of tobacco.

“The priest would place you in the center there.” He crowded her to the edge of the step and pointed his calloused finger. “With your lovely neck exposed, he would have the honor of draining some blood before lifting out your heart.”

Okay, I admit it was impossible to limit that quote to seven sentences. Consider the extra three as a bonus.

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