Blogging about the junk in my car!

May 25 2011

Do the Contents of Your Car

       Define You?

             I’m getting a new car tomorrow! Very exciting, especially since it will have one of those gadgets that beep when the car is about to hit something. Too bad I didn’t have one right after we installed the new post for the basketball hoop.  Or the time I left the yard gate open—wide open. For me backing out of the garage has always been the most impactful operation for me.

            I promised my cute husband I would empty the car before we make the exchange. So I just did. What I found was revealing. Maybe too revealing.

            Starting clockwise around the car, in the glove compartment I found no gloves, just music tapes. Quaint, eh? The car has an actual tape player, so I could trundle through the world singing along with my oldies, but goodies. Fifteen of them. Several featured the Carpenters, as in, “We’ve only just begun to live…”

            And lots of CDs. (Pretty advanced of me to have both modes of electronics.) Only one featured the Carpenters, as in, “Sharing horizons that are new to us…”

            In the passenger door pockets were 53 Trivial Pursuit cards, two plastic spoons (unused), two sets of napkins, an ice scraper, sunglasses that fall off my nose, a pad of note paper, a map of southeastern Wisconsin, an emergency service pamphlet from AAA, a copy of the labyrinth at our church, and a map of where my parents are buried at Wisconsin Memorial Park.

            In the pocket behind the front passenger seat were two books for two- to three-year-olds, purchased ten years ago, when our first grandchildren were born, and beloved by those that came along behind. 

            The trunk contained the vital stuff: a Brewers blanket, two knit hats, five autographed copies of Buried Heart , three Sendiks red plastic shopping bags, a Brewers fleece sweatshirt, a raincoat, a pair of mittens, a Packer hat, a large umbrella, a protective seat cover for carrying plants, and two Packer flags for the car window.  (Clamped to the car window is the Brewers flag. I rotate, according to the season.)

            In the pocket behind the driver’s seat was a map of Wisconsin. In the driver’s door pocket, I found more sunscreen, three packets of tissue, a tire gauge (oh, what an optimist my husband is!), as well as the necklace I wore several weeks ago.

            Snuggled into the console were my MOST VALUABLE ITEMS: one dollar and forty-seven cents in change, a claim ticket to heaven knows what, two water bottles, four lipsticks (I wondered where my Bobbi Brown creamy lip rose petal went!), a James Tayhlor CD, a Roy Orbison CD, three pens, a sunscreen stick, a charger for my cell phone, and the watch I can’t remember to take to the jeweler.   

            Missing from every crevice and corner was the cell phone that vanished five weeks ago.