Poetic Justice

July 25 2011

Poetic Justice


She lodged her car where she could watch.

The motel lights were dim.

Her hands were cold, her head ablaze.

What did she see in him?


He’d never break it off with her.

He didn’t have the guts.

Why did he have to chase them all—

Such a bunch of sluts?


She’d craved him with her body,

Worshipped in her mind.

Though love sparked brightly off his lips,

His heart and soul were blind.


In arcs of light, a triangle,

He paused, his tie half-done.

She inched herself out of the car,

Two hands wrapped round the gun.


He frowned, astonished, as he spied

His woman drawing close.

She raised the gun, then blew a kiss

And aimed it at his nose.


Calmly now she ogled as

His ribcage blew apart.

She finally got a peek at it,

His cruel, cheating heart.


*Author’s note about this “romantic” piece: I found this recenlty, while I was cleaning  my desk. I wrote it in 1998 and never could figure out what to do with it. I have to chuckle when I think that a nice “girl” like me could concoct such a scene.