The Book is Here!

October 1 2009

On Tuesday boxes of Buried Heart arrived at the local book store where I will have my first book talk and book-signing event.  I am thrilled.  Over the moon.  Over the stars.  Over the satellites and the black hole beyond.

I visited, and, and there it was:
“Buried Heart by A. Y. Stratton.”

How cool is that>

I admit I had my doubts that this would never really happen.  I thought the publisher might change her mind.  Silly me, I worried The Wild Rose Press might drop the romantic suspense category.  With the economy so bad, I even imagined the company could go out of business, leaving me with lovely dreams.  

What lovely dreams they are!  Friends, relatives and even people I don’t know very well are excited for me, which makes me feel incredibly fortunate.  

Oh, how I wish I could call my parents and my brother right now and tell them all about it.