Recipe for Maximization of Potentialities

January 24 2012

“Recipe for Maximalization of Potentialities in Re:

          Collective Responsibilities”

                  by Cousin Joan, Cousin Lyn and Me



Isn’t that an impressive title?  What brilliant people the authors must be to incorporate so many multi-syllabic words in one short line! Why, there was even a word that contains the syllable “ize.”  


Never mind that the sentences don’t mean anything. Not a thing!


A while ago, quite a while ago (back when my neck still was taut and I still had kids living at home), my cousins and I drove from Milwaukee to Glenview, Illinois (a Chicago suburb) to have lunch with relatives. During the hour and a half drive home, we hit a topic that irked us all: the fact that Americans no longer spoke good English. I blamed TV and radio announcers for using mangled tenses and phrases so often that the words sounded correct to our communal ears.


We agreed our big peeve was the way people attempted to sound intellectual by adding “ize” to a word, inflating its meaning. (Or “inflatizing” its meaning.)     


With fifty miles to go before our exit off highway I-94, we began to write our own impressive document. A few magnificent sentences became several luscious paragraphs, and our giggles exploded with each enhancement. (Enhancetizement?) After we got home, I entered it on my computer and voila!


Well, there was really no “voila” moment, mainly because we shared it with a limited audience, our husbands. But guess what! I just found our magna carta, safely stored on my computer (which, by the way, needs to be replaced).


And here it is, verbatimized:


“Communicating the goals attendant to the process of maximized potential must be a hierarchical system of prioritization.  For example, in a voluntary situation, vis-a-vis the community, one would hopefully utilize techniques gained by first-hand personal experience.  It would be too simplistic to accredit one's success in today's world to minimal planning but in-depth focus.  Value clarification must precede analysis and diagnosis.


The viability of one's potential can be readily seen in the progress from beginning to end.  40% of volunteers achieving maximized potential have made annual reassessments of their training needs and capabilities.  Most importantly, they have deemphasized the negativity of their life styles and clarified their career paths.


Moreover, the input (output) from the special uniqueness of one's personal and public commitment will serve to collectivize responsibility for self, home, family, community, nation, world, etc.  The actualizing of self-discovery will enhance one's contribution in tomorrow's world and enable one to effectively interact and qualitatively communicate.”