To My Valentine

February 13 2013

My Valentine by A. Y. Stratton

Why I fell in love with my husband:

  1. He made me laugh. We were matched up at a party, and he spent most of the time drawing pictures on the Etch-a-Sketch.
  2. We didn’t have a first real date until we’d known each other for a while.
  3. He didn’t try to kiss me on that first date.  Or the second one. I got to thinking we were just friends, friends who made each other laugh.
  4. When he kissed me, he got my attention.
  5. While I was on one U.S. coast and he was on the other, he wrote me every day.
  6.  He denies  #5. He claims he wrote two or three letters at once and mailed one every day.  I think that counts.
  7. His sister was already a friend of mine.  That hurdle was never a hurdle.
  8. I got hooked on those letters.  Of course I saved them. They are in the basement right next to the ones I wrote him.  (To our children: do not throw them out or publish them. Keep them in your basement.)
  9. He never quite got around to asking me to marry him.  One night he took me out to dinner and said, (and I quote): “If we get married, who would you choose for your bridesmaids?” I remember exactly where I was sitting. I remember being speechless, a rare event for me. I finally came up with a few names, and he began writing them on the placemat, next to his list of ushers.  
  10. He still makes me laugh. 
  11. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.