While I was At It: Distractions of Spring by A. Y. Stratton

May 8 2013

While I was at it: Distractions of Spring by A. Y. Stratton

            Right after breakfast, directly after I finished my cereal with raspberries and took my vitamins and brushed my teeth, I sat down at my computer to write. (Notice I did not read the entire newspaper.) Wasn’t I the good girl?

            I edited what I had written the day before, sent some copy to the fellow who is redesigning my website, and… Well, I was getting warm. The sun cast a seductive glimmer across my desk. And just beyond that same window, there’s this gorgeous plant blooming its head off.  Did I mention I was getting hot, and needed some fresh air?

            All I did was open the back door and then open the front door, to get some air circulation. That’s all I did.

            But the storm insert was still on the front door. So I got my screw driver (from my own screw driver set, thanks to my gadget-crazed father) and removed it.  My usual next step is to clean the storm window and put it away in the garage.  So I got a rag and wood cleaner and polished it up, outside, of course, in the lovely sunshine. Next I had to dig out the front door screen from behind my husband’s piles of things he should have thrown away five years ago (maybe ten). One look at the screen told me I should clean that before putting it on the door.

            The front door looked really good, but you know what? The doorstep was gunked up from the snow and salt we put on the sidewalk. So I got the broom and another rag, cleaned the steps and the railing too, while I was at it.

            I must have decided the new shoots coming up in the back yard would need watering, because the next thing I did was drag out the hoses. The muddy, heavy hoses.  And the clay pots. And the bird baths. Because it was really nice outside, perfect in fact. And who knew when the next gorgeous day would get trapped in my back yard?      

            And that’s why I’m writing this blog, because it’s SPRING!