Interview With Kate Harvey, Heroine of Buried Secrets by A. Y. Stratton

August 27 2013

Interview with Kate Harvey, heroine of Buried Secrets

Q What do you do for a living?

A I work for an organization that supports non-profit performing arts groups in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Q What is your background for that job?

A I love music and live theater. I feel fortunate to have seen plays and concerts with my grandmother when I was growing up. In many ways my job gives me a chance to show my appreciation.

Q You look very young to have such a big job. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?

A I just turned 29.

Q I heard you’re engaged. Who’s the lucky guy?

A I broke up with my fiancé about two months ago.

Q Do you mind telling me why?

A Not at all. The guy was a total jerk. He looks good on paper, good job, attractive, well-educated, parents are friends of my parents. But about all.”

Q And have you met someone else?

A That’s the crux of this story, the way Nathan and I met. It happened the night decided I had to sneak into the home of this lawyer’s house.

Q Wait, you sneaked into someone's home like a burglar?

A You could say that, but I didn’t steal anything, only the papers that belonged to my grandmother. She left in a hidden drawer in an antique dresser, but it was sold to a lawyer when she moved to a nursing home. The guy refused to let me see the dresser. Talk about a jerk!

Q So you broke in?

A Yes, I mean no. I didn’t break in. I just figured out how to get in.

Q Okay, then how did you meet Nathan?

A In that lawyer’s house.

Q Nathan lived there?

A No. He sneaked in that same night, right before I did. He scared the life out of me, waving his revolver around.

Q What was he doing there?

A Searching for anything that would incriminate the criminal lawyer. He had a really good reason to do that, but I didn’t find out what it was for a while. Nathan is great at asking questions, but not so great at answering them.

Q Did you and Nathan hit it off right away?

A Are you kidding? He pulled a gun on me and was bossy and blaming. He said if I hadn’t disturbed him, he would have finished gotten out of that house before the murder, and avoided all that craziness of feeling hunted and in danger, afraid the police or the murderer would find out about us.

Q Wait a minute. What murderer?

A Oh, didn’t I tell you? Once Nathan finally put away his revolver, we both went to work searching the house. When I heard a woman talking on her phone, I bolted into the closet, and buried myself behind rows of dresses. Did that lawyer’s wife have a lot of clothes! And that’s where Nathan darted too. We stood there, roasting in our winter coats. I was petrified. Nathan didn’t seem afraid at all, just annoyed at me for my bad timing, which was completely unfair. When she barged into the closet, we figured we were cooked, but no, she changed clothes and left. We heard her on the phone again, talking from the bedroom. Then some guy arrived, talking sexy, telling her how lovely she looks, how beautiful. When he murmured, “Close your eyes, honey,” I’m thinking, oh, brother, they're going make love and we’ll be stuck, boiling hot, in the closet all night. But no, a gun goes off.

Q What did you do?

A You’re just going to have to read the book, Buried Secrets, by my favorite author, A. Y. Stratton, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.