Thoughts from Author Angela Hayes

November 3 2013

Author Angela Hayes posted this on November 1, known as All Saints’ Days.  I was struck by the simple way she showed her gratitude for the world around her.  I asked her if I could post her words on my website to keep these thoughts near me and to share them with my friends.  


From Angela Hayes:


I don't know who came up with the idea, but every November, Facebook and other sites are filled with people posting what they are thankful for that particular day. Since November has finally rolled around, I thought I'd get in on the action. Warning, some of it may be pretty deep as I from time to time I am a deep person!!!


Friday, November 1- I am thankful for religious freedom. To be able to openly worship God (I am baptist) in a country where I most likely will not be physically persecuted for my belief unlike other places in the world, where being a Christian is the equivalent of a death sentence. I am thankful to live where I can openly conversate about the impact He has had on my life and continues to work daily.


Saturday, November 2- I am thankful for Saturday mornings. For the chance to sleep in after a long work week, to get up and know I don't have to run through the house like a mad woman hurrying everyone along so we can make it to work/school on time, and to enjoy that second cup of coffee before I start to work on my massive To Do List that never becomes a Done List!!!


Sunday, November 3- I am thankful for marshmallows. This weekend both of the kids had sleepovers and I have to say the highlight was roasting weenie's and marshmallows around a fire, hubby built in his grill. Even after the sleepovers were done, we continued to light the precious treat on fire and devour it as if all the sugar was really good for us. Combine that with the Rotel dip and chips we had for dinner and I'm pretty sure marshmallows are one of the best things ever invented.


Monday, November 4- I am thankful for noise. As I type this, my kids are taking turns practicing their piano at the kitchen table, my daughter singing (off key) at the top of her lungs. A love, hate relationship when you have two young kids, noise is something I know one day in the not too distance future (for time really does fly) my household will lack. So while I hold my breath and my temper during some of the louder/more annoying moments, I will do my best to always be thankful for the noise my kids make.


Thank you Anne,