Excerpt from Buried Secrets by A. Y. Stratton

March 13 2014

She’d seen a dead woman. It wasn’t a dream. It was real. And then she and Bean Pole—Nathan, that was his name—had slipped away, pretending they’d witnessed nothing, seen nothing, stolen nothing.

Her breath caught as she battled another round of tears. She was mortified at her behavior in the middle of the night. Never before had she been hysterical. Maybe Nathan’s sleeping pill did that to some people. Made them psychotic. That was it.

She had to get out of his house.

His hand moved from her shoulder to her neck, and he sighed. Kate turned over very slowly. In the crack of light from the hall, she saw he’d thrown off the top half of the covers. He wasn’t wearing pajama tops. He was in a deep sleep, his eyelashes still.

Gazing at him unabashedly, she noticed his firm, sculpted chest. Was he naked? Completely nude? She considered peeking beneath the covers to be sure, but what if he woke up and caught her?