My Excuses for Not Writing My Blog This Month by A. Y. Stratton

May 19 2014

My Excuses for Not Writing Something for my Blog

By A. Y. Stratton

Excuse #1 My mind is more jumbled than usual, because in three weeks I’ll be at my college reunion.

Excuse #2 Before I attend my college reunion I must make some adjustments.

Excuse #3 I must make a list of my adjustments.

Adjustment 1: get an emergency neck lift.

Adjustment 2: do something about my upper arms that seem to have sprung loose.

Adjustment 3: restore my hair to its rightful color

Adjustment 4: find a pair of high heels that I can actually walk in. (Running shoes are an option.)

Adjustment 5: Find clothes that shrink my waist-line.

Adjustment 6: Renew my glasses so I can read the nametags.

   Adjustment 7: Going to bed early to get lots of sleep before I leave, so I can stay up gabbing with EVERYONE!

 One more adjustment: I acknowledge that I get story ideas from real life situations. That doesn’t mean I will set my next romantic mystery at a college reunion.  (What a great idea! I think I just plotted the opening scene!)