My Work in Progress by A. Y. Stratton

July 15 2014

Buried Temptation by A. Y. Stratton   

Chapter One

“Please, darling, you can tell me. I promise I won’t tell a soul!”

            The screams echoed on the tile floors. Another nightmare. Amber flew out of bed and raced down the hall to Aunt Celeste’s bedroom. The same horrible dream. The same frantic begging.

            “I’d die before I’d tell your secret! Look, his eyes are gone! Gouged out of their sockets!” The old woman’s trembling finger pointed toward her closet door. “His mouth is full of blood!”

            The only thing that worked to calm her was to keep the room dark, speak softly to her and rub her bony back until the terror faded. That’s how Amber thought of the attacks—terrifying spirals of images that took over Aunt Celeste’s brain, snippets of horror. And always the fear of death.

            What in the world triggered those terrors? Was it her arthritis medicine? Or was it something she’d actually witnessed? A horror so gruesome her brain was scarred forever?