Confessions of a Slacker

September 26 2014

Confessions of a Slacker

         by Ms. Nom de Plume (AKA A. Y. Stratton)

A couple of months ago, I started working on a new story, tentatively titled “Buried Temptation.” 

And that’s what I should be doing right this minute, but (here comes excuse number 1) it’s sunny out and I need a walk. And (here comes excuse number 2) I was hungry and needed to make lunch which made me want to check my email, which brought me to my desk and my best pal, my computer. And number 3) My husband and I were supposed to be on a plane going to visit our daughter and her family, but some crazed person started a fire in the office that controls flight patterns in all of the Midwest and our plane couldn’t take off. (I did not make that up, but it might go in a book someday.)

I have written ** (fill in the blank any way you choose) words for my new story, Buried Temptation. So far my hero and my heroine have met and are attracted to each other. Their first kiss has been delayed for several reasons, one of which is the dramatic way my heroine’s aunt defended herself from an intruder: she blew a hole in an intruder who then performed an Oscar-winning imitation of the dead man’s float in the swimming pool. The intruder was probably searching for the Mayan treasures abducted by my heroine’s uncle).

The simple fact that I am writing this proves I am wasting time. I left my two lovers-to-be in the hospital waiting to hear the condition of the aunt. (Of course my hero had to be there to gather info on the location of the missing uncle, the prime suspect in a series of thefts of ancient Mayan treasures.) 

     Now that I’ve written this, I’m warmed up and ready to go back to my poor heroine. How will she react when she discovers his true reason for getting close to her?